External validity of clinical trials in acute myocardial infarction.

Title : External validity of clinical trials in acute myocardial infarction

Source : PubMed
ID : 17210880
Authors : Steg PG, López-Sendón J, Lopez de Sa E, Goodman SG, Gore JM, Anderson FA Jr, Himbert D, Allegrone J, Van de Werf F; GRACE Investigators.
Year : 2007
Disease Category : Cardiovascular diseases
Focused Population : Not Specified
Priori/Posteriori : Both
Single-study Generalibility? : Multiple
Score/Non-Score : Non-score
Tutorial/Method : NHANES_T2D
Compared general demographic and patient characteristics : Yes
Compared disease-specific clinical characteristics : Yes
Compared adverse events : No
Compared outcomes/treatment effect (including survival) : No
Trial participants vs. eligible patients (by applying eligibility criteria on the patient data) : Yes
Trial participants vs. ineligible patients (by applying criteria on the genera population) : Yes
Eligible patients (by applying criteria) vs. ineliglble patients (by applying criteria) : Yes
Real-world data sources : Global Registry of Acute Coronary Events
Target Population Data Type Levels : International