Generalizing Intensive Blood Pressure Treatment to Adults With Diabetes Mellitus.

Title : Generalizing Intensive Blood Pressure\xa0Treatment to Adults With Diabetes\xa0Mellitus

Source : CINAHL
ID : 30189998
Authors : Berkowitz, Seth A.; Sussman, Jeremy B.; Jonas, Daniel E.; Basu, Sanjay
Year : 2018
Disease Category : Cardiovascular diseases
Focused Population : Not Specified
Priori/Posteriori : Posteriori
Single-study Generalibility? : Single
Score/Non-Score : Non-score
Tutorial/Method : Propensity score and propensity score-based method
Compared general demographic and patient characteristics : Yes
Compared disease-specific clinical characteristics : Yes
Compared adverse events : No
Compared outcomes/treatment effect (including survival) : Yes
Trial participants vs. general population (from EHR, survey, a cohort, etc) : Yes
Use propensity score : Yes
Real-world data sources : NHNAES
Target Population Data Type Levels : National