Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria of Clinical Trials for Insomnia.

Title : Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria of Clinical Trials for Insomnia

Source : PubMed
ID : 30096830
Authors : Huls, Hendrikje; Abdulahad, Smedra; Mackus, Marlou; van de Loo, Aurora J. A. E.; Roehrs, Timothy; Roth, Thomas; Verster, Joris C
Year : 2018
Disease Category : Sleep disorder
Focused Population : Not Specified
Priori/Posteriori : Priori
Single-study Generalibility? : Multiple
Score/Non-Score : Non-score
Tutorial/Method : The current two-part study examined (1) the currently applied eligibility criteria in Phase II and III RCTs examining sleep medication; (2) how these criteria match with the insomnia population as a whole; and (3) how inclusion rates can be changed by an adaptation of these criteria
Compared general demographic and patient characteristics : No
Compared disease-specific clinical characteristics : No
Compared adverse events : No
Compared outcomes/treatment effect (including survival) : No
Real-world data sources : Subjects (aged 18 and older) with sleep problems (either diagnosed or not)
Target Population Data Type Levels : National